Tax incentive scheme confirmed for the Northern Plant

Koniambo Nickel SAS (KNS)  announced today the granting by the French authorities of a tax ruling  (décision d’agrément) pursutant to French tax legislation for the promotion of investments in French overseas territories (the so-called “Loi Girardin”) that is expected to  result in a benefit of up to USD223 million to the Koniambo project. Pursuant to...

Xstrata approves Koniambo Nickel Project

The Board of Xstrata Plc approved the development of the Koniambo project. It implementation will entail investment of $3.8 billion to be funded by both partners. The decision came after a one-year renewal phase with the objective to provide additional confidence in the project’s costs and development schedule.

Resolutions of SMSP Board of Directors

SMSP Board of Directors met in Noumea on September 7. Amongst a certain number of points that have been reviewed, two important resolutions regarding the construction of the Northern Plant have been endorsed by all its members. The Board members reviewed details of project execution planning, execution preparedness, schedule and cost optimisation and were able...

Review of the conclusions of the renewal report

Koniambo Nickel Sas Board of Directors met on August 23 in Toronto, at Xstrata Nickel headquarters, and reviewed the renewal plan of the Koniambo projet. The Board members have reviewed details of project execution planning, cost and schedule optimization and execution preparedness. In a timely manner, but separately, the individual Boards of Directors of each...
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