Three NMC employees leaving for the Metropolitan City

Jean-Louis Jiako Technician Geologist at Kouaoua, Judicaël Wamo, Storekeeper at Poya and Sylvio N’Gaiohny, Assistant mining designer at the Noumea Technical Division lately seconded to KNS will leave New Caledonia in the next few days for training under “Cadre Avenir” Training Scheme.

Employees’ applications were selected within the “Cadre Avenir” scheme’s internal selection process, after a general study upgrading period. This action, closely supported by the Human Resources Division, is part of the company’s efforts to promote social development.

Jean-Louis Jiako, Technician Geologist at Kouaoua, prepares a Professional Degree on Protection of Environment with a specialty on Urban Geology in Nantes, for a period of one year.

Judicaël Wamo, storekeeper at Poya, prepares a University Technical Diploma on Logistics Management and Transport in Perpignan, for a period of one year.

Sylvio N’Gaiohny, Assistant Mining Designer in the Technical Division in Noumea and recently seconded to KNS prepares a University Technical Diploma on Information and Communication with an option on Communication in Organizations in Grenoble, for a period of two years.