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loading company

Compagnie de Transport Minière du Nord SAS (Cotransmine), another subsidiary company fully owned by the SMSP, ensures the loading operations of the ore produced by the joint venture Nickel Mining Company SAS (NMC). Cotransmine employed 97 people on December 31, 2018. Mineral ore due for export is loaded onto ore tankers moored near the storage centres. The distance between ore tanker mooring points and barge loading wharves varies according to the geographical location and characteristics of the points of embarkation. It is about 5 to 6 km on the West Coast and generally less than 1 km on the East Coast. The loading of ore is an operation that mobilise the local communities.

The ore is transported alongside the tankers by barges and tugs and the tanker cranes are then used to load it into the hold. Cotransmine’s fleet comprises 9 x 350 to 900 HP tugboats, 28 mining barges with a payload capacity of 250 to 330 tonnes and 2 slipways for fleet maintenance.

Shipping resources are spread over four centres. Two technical centers located respectively in Numbo bay and Téoudié, maintain the fleet.

The ports of Téoudié and Poya are used as loading bases for the West coast. The ports of Kouaoua and Nakety are the loading bases for ore produced in the East Coast mining centres.
Shipping resources include maintenance and navigation staff. There are mechanics, welders, boiler makers, sand-blasters & painters staff.
The navigation team can quickly mobilise 40 staff members for ore tanker loading operations: 9 qualified or special ship’s officers (captains and motormen) and 32 casual crew members drawn from a pool of 60 to 70 people.
Each shipping resources sector is supervised by a manager: armament, maintenance, boiler making, general store, HSE, procurement and human resources.

The pollution control

To fight effectively against the risks of pollution, Cotransmine established immediate warning instructions to enable each worker on site, visualization and rapid identification of the pollution severity levels to trigger appropriate actions plan marine emergency.

A report is prepared by the intermittent manager and forwarded to the site manager and the Cotransmine maritime HSE manager.
Next pollution volumes to be treated, officials concerned will be: NMC and Cotransmine managers, DIMENC, provincial services, maritime affairs or state action at sea office.

The management

Cotransmine is a sea transport company, wholly owned subsidiary of SMSP. The President is SMSP company and the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Karl THERBY.



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