Broadcasting of the film « The word given » on RFO-NC

“The word given” is a 52 minute documentary film carried out by Cinead that recalls the history of a mining company celebrating today its eighteen springs, a company which then had neither property nor mining title, that many thought dedicated to bankruptcy and which, eighteen years later, enters into the protected field of metallurgy.

“The word given” is the accomplishment of an intended reasoning which gives confidence to our dreams as well as the story which devotes a thoughtful glance, revealing and making perceptive what was far too long unsaid by the sacred-holy illusion of continuity.

“The word given” relates as a watermark the unusual itinerary of a child whose father’s life has been taken away by Koniambo, and who grew up in Noumea within a family of fellow citizen, far from his mother, Thi Binh, number A 649 sent to Sorrow (Chagrin mine).

This story is the one of a young man who could have been each one among us, of a young man coming from nothing and nowhere who by largest chances, was confronted to keep a promise.

This respected word given by André Dang to Jean-Marie Tjibaou became that of men and women who share with them a visceral attachment for this land of New Caledonia and who like them spared neither sweat, nor tears so that this promise is shared and become a vision.

“The word given” is an economic quest for emancipation, passing by the adhesion of a whole community to a project of society which enables today the association of our cultures to economic rebalancing, foundations of the construction of our common destiny.