World Women’s Day 2022

On the occasion of the World Women’s Day 2022, SMSP group wished to mark this date by illustrating the women who participate daily in the good functioning of our subsidiaries, NMC, Cotransmine, KNS and SNNC.

Moreover, these women, through their key roles within their families, contribute to the overall development of the territory in terms of education, values and role models for the younger generations.

In this model perspective, NMC President, Isabelle WABETE, was chosen to appear on the “Manteau de l’audace”, a project launched at the Jules Garnier Secundary School in conjunction with Jean XXIII Secundary School and which highlights the portrayals of 100 female personalities. We wish to congratulate the Year 12 classes’ students and their supervisors who carried out this initiative over two years within the framework of the 3E Committee, Education for Equality at School* (see the SMSP and its subsidiaries are committed article).

SMSP Group employs many women in its direct workforce, with nearly 33% of women in the NMC workforce and 27% in KNS workforce. And this does not include the women in the subcontractors companies. It is never too much to remind ourselves that women Women have the capacity and the strength to enable society to adapt itself to its own progress and development.

We wish all the women of the group and in the region, an excellent World Women’s Day!

(*) A new committee initially set up by New Caledonia Vice-Rectorate in 2014, which brings together the educational community and New Caledonian civil society to fight against gender inequality and discrimination and promote inclusiveness. A series of programs and actions are carried out in favor of UN goal number 5 “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.


In Nakety, Liora, Carmen, Fanfan and Arlette wish  World Women’s Day to be a public holiday.

I wish more women to become independent through work in the mining sector.

Marie-Rose KAICHOU - Corresponding HR Secretary

There were not so many advantages for women at a time, but things have changed at NMC since.

Arlette BOOENE - Sea side Laboratory Manager


The woman gives life. Respect and honor her at all times.

Anoushka RAI - Data Entry Operator

Good luck to all the women of the world and especially those in the mining sector. I wish a lot of love and courage to the children left behind while at work on daily basis. Today they have access and have gain a space at work but also in the customary level.

Alexandra TONCHANE - Team Leader at Alice Mine


We would like to see more women in senior positions.


It’s not always easy to have an effective authority to manage a team of mostly men. But with time, you learn to trust each other.

Ingrid BOUILLANT - Electrical Maintenance Technician

As a woman in a position with responsibilities, I have never felt discriminated in my career development at Koniambo Nickel SAS.

Wénéguili ROBERT - Superintendent Metallurgical Process

Before taking up the position of Supervisor, I was apprehensive. But in the end, my team is made up of men and women and it works very well.

Aurélie COUIEMOIN - HMFD Production Supervisor

Both at work and at home, there are many tasks and responsibilities. We are always at the center of the action.

Audrey STREIFF - Multi-skilled Support Operator - Port and Transport

We are competent and capable of performing the tasks in our sector, as much as our male colleagues.

Raïna DREUKO and Giana MARLIER - Multi-skilled Refining Operators


“No one is more arrogant towards women, more aggressive or contemptuous, than a man worried about his virility.” Simone de Beauvoir

Since 1914, the debate has been on-going. The behavioral part is the hardest thing to change in human beings. We have to change mentalities, beliefs and stereotypes.

Even if important advances have already been achieved, it is not enough and not fast enough. Rehabilitating the roles of women in history would be, for me, the beginning of the beginning…

Jean-Michel MONTREAU - Administrative and financial manager

“Power is not given to you, you must take it”. This quote from BEYONCE sums up correctly the situation. If we women do not move, nothing will change in our lives.



Break the glass ceiling.

Haeun CHO - Staff Finance group / Cheonhwa WOO - Manager Ethics Management Section / Mijin KIM - Manager Human Resources group