SMSP and its subsidiaries are committed

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, SMSP Group was pleased to publish a series of photos, to highlight its subsidiaries’ female employees’ profiles. One can find these profiles on SMSP’s website, as well as on SMSP’s Linkedin page.

NMC mining sites, SNNC and KNS marked this date, each of them, in its own way.

Thus, the Head of NMC Centre in Kouaoua, proactive on these issues, organized a special gathering at the site, to allow his female colleagues to spend a special moment together. That was a “brunch” during which NMC President, Isabelle WABETE, shared a few words with her team in Kouaoua.

Similarly, at Ouaco NMC Centre, female colleagues gathered in the Kaala Gomen Village to spend a special moment.

In Poya NMC Centre, the women staff decided to mark the day right at the mine site. Were present inspiring profiles, such as an Operations’ Manager, a Mine Supervisor, a Planning Engineer, not to mention all their female colleagues in other key positions.

At KNS, the women of the site were highlighted in portraits. A moment of sharing and exchange on the realities of the field.

Together, all these women testify to the progress they have made. They encourage girls and women to follow their dreams and what they believe in. They also remind us that we must continue, together with men, on the path of mutual respect and recognition.

International Women’s Day at the Customary Senate

SMSP Group had also the privilege of being invited on 8th March by the New Caledonia’s Customary Senate, which organized the International Women’s Day event for the first time in its history.

A symbolic participation and contribution for this institution which hosted the International Women’s Day for the first time.

Its slogan for this first event is the result of a reflection, taking into consideration, the issue of women within New Caledonia particular context, as well as its Kanak native populations, while intended to address all women regardless of their origins:

“Kanak custom advocates balance in male-female relations: indigenous de-colonial inspiration for the improvement of the status of women in New Caledonia. 

Women’s associations were of course present along the main executive and legislative institutions, including the NC Government and Congress. But also the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) and the Australian and New Zealand consulates.

The diversity of the guests for this first edition shows the ambitions of the Senate who wishes to position itself as an actor in the reflections and in the long term, in the actions implemented to value women, but also to accompany them on the questions of violence in particular.

A symbol, if there is one, is the statement by the Customary Senate President, Yvon KONA, who mentioned the question of the presence of women within the Senate, a reality that had to be considered in order to respond to current issues.

The mantle of the ambitious: women who have made history

SMSP Group, through its NMC subsidiary, also participated in an initiative of 3E designation: Equality in Education at School. An initiative launched in 2014 and currently led by the only female member of the NC Government, Isabelle CHAMPMOREAU, also Vice-President of the institution.

With her team, along with Jules Garnier and Jean XXIII Secondary Schools teachers, they have accompanied 5 classes of year twelve students for two years, to design a coat for the ambitious women, but also further items, such as a jacket, a tie or a piece of fabric (pareo).

All these items have in common the creation of an original visual which brings together the profiles of 100 women, some of whom have marked NC history, others who are distinguished in the promotion of women today.

Thus, NMC President Isabelle WABETE, appeared on the pictorial and on all the students’ productions: a coat, a jacket, a sarong, a tie and an approved anti-covid-19 mask.