The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The United Nations’ Orange the World global campaign

In 2021, SMSP committed itself, for the first time at the group level, and through its 4 subsidiaries, to the United Nations global campaign “Orange the World”. An international campaign carried out for 30 years, during 16 days, in a drive to end violence against women and girls. 

In 2022, SMSP wishes to renew its commitment on a participative and voluntary model, to show the capacity of women to take action in an interactive way and to be involved in serving themselves.

Also in this context, the action initiated in 2022 aims to highlight women within the group, to show their strength, determination and their active role in the Caledonian economic system.

Since October, 11 portraits of the group’s female employees have been published on our Linkedin page ( announcing the campaign that starts on November 25.

Men and women from each subsidiary have participated in a video clip produced to value all women through a symbolic item #originELLES:

  • “ELLES” is the plural form of “she” in French. It means all the women (including girls).
  • “origin” to express that women are original and unique.
  • “originelles” to remember that women through birth, give life and are at the origin of the human being.

Find this video by clicking on the following link and on the social media of our subsidiaries, Koniambo Nickel, Nickel Mining Company (NMC) and on our website. Don’t hesitate to share it!

Throughout the campaign, we hope to see our subsidiaries’ actions to highlight their female workforce.

Let us stand together and be involved, women and men, to put an end to the violence against women!

As a bonus, some images taken behind the scenes, below: