Orange the world is also a story of encounters

When the SMSP management wishes to participate at its level in the international UN campaign to end violence against women, its Communication Department is engaged to contact the subsidiaries, stakeholders and providers who will help to show how importance are women for the SMSP group.

Thus, Laureen LAI THAM, Project Manager for the event, begins the meetings with the relevant actors.

On the left picture, Laureen went to meet Sarah WABETE at CAFED (Center for Women in Difficulty) in Témala, who had already participated in the 2019 edition of Orange The World at Koniambo Nickel. The current went well and with Pierre THEVENET and Ferdinand WAIKATA, Laureen discussed the format that an intervention could have.

Between June 23 and the start of the event, Sarah WABETE was appointed as Social Worker in the Northern Gendarmerie within MCPF (the House of Confidence and Family Protection).

It is with her, her chief Enrick NEDIA, Marshal of Logis chief, Rayanna OUAKA, Civic Service and Mathilde LELOUP, PhD student in law that the SMSP Project Manager went on November 26 to Koniambo Nickel in order to conduct a Workshop to raise awareness of violence against women.

Although limited, we congratulate and thank the participants and the speakers who came for this action.