Youth recruitment: NMC and KNS commit and sign

New Caledonian Institutions and Private Companies bet on the hospitality, care, support and training for non-graduates or young school leavers by offering a guarantee of employment once obtaining their certification.

2018 first quarter 2018 has been marked by an exponential increase in delinquencies, relayed by all media and social networks in New Caledonia. A topic that concerns the NC population and raises sound reactions. According to the French Le Monde newspaper issue of 8 March 2018, the delinquency rate in New Caledonia increased by 27.6% between 2016 and 2017. A figure that led the High Commissioner of the French Republic to announce measures undertaken by the state to fight the scourge. Facing this crisis, Public Training Centers and New Caledonian private companies decided to combine their efforts to contribute to human, social and professional development Caledonian youth jobseekers.

The RSMA (Adapted Military Service Regiment), a second chance for young Caledonians

NC RSMA’s main mission is to train young Caledonians, who have left the education system without qualifications, and facilitate their insertion into the workforce, by offering a range of 18 training courses including: shop assistant, plasterer, plumber, painter and vehicle mechanic, volunteer firefighters. “We are looking for young people who are out of the job or who have had to leave school very early. Last year, 42% of the youth we welcomed were illiterate, “says Colonel Christian De Villers, Commander of NC-RSMA. “Young people who join us,” he says, “make a voluntary and courageous step, by coming to the regiment to look for knowledge, with a school upgrade process; a learning to be with military obedience and; a know-how through professional training and apprenticeship to driving licenses “.

Since its establishment in 1986 in New Caledonia, nearly 600 young people are assisted each year at NC RSMA.


2018: Launching of 2 new training courses

The NC RSMA has opened new training courses in mining profession sectors thanks to the Government financial support. This scheme aims to train every year, twenty-four trainees on specific job of mining machine operator: that is to say an operator on dump truck in a mining operation (OTEM), and an operator on loader and dozer in a mining operation (OCBEM).

Trainees will first complete four months of training at Koné RSMA, aiming at preparation for employability and insertion into the professional world, upgrading of basic knowledge (French and mathematics) and autonomy development (passing of driving License B and C). Qualified with these prerequisites, they will carry on studies, still a NC-RSMA trainees, at Poro Training Center for Mine and Quarry Techniques (CFTMC) for a period of two to four months. At the end of the training scheme, the trainee will be employed by one of the partner companies.

Who are the committed partners?

On February 15, in front of Jean-Louis D’Anglebermes, Vice President of NC-Government and Thierry LADOUCETTE, new Commander of French National RSMA visiting the territory, a multiparty agreement involving institutions such as NC-RSMA, the Government Department of Continuing Professional Development (DFPC) and Training Center for Mine and Quarry Techniques (CFTMC) and three mining and metallurgical private companies including KNS, SLN and NMC.

The NC-RSMA, which vocation is to promote the socio-professional integration of 18-25 years old young jobseekers, is in charge of the recruitment in partnership with the mining companies. The NC Government is funding, through the DFPC, 23 million XPF for OTEM Scheme taking place at CFTMC Poro Training Center. This contribution covers all educational costs for an annual promotion of volunteers. OCBEM second part of the training scheme will be supported by the mining companies.


According to Sabrina MARLIER, Director of KNS Human Resources “this scheme allows trainees to acquire the fundamentals required for the recruitment process, including respect for schedules and a discipline of life. Subsequently, the candidates who pass this first level follow the OTEM training, which is an equivalent of the Diploma DNC1. And it is only at the end of this training process (RSMA and OTEM) that the industrialist, Koniambo Nickel, will hire the candidates, who will have also met the criteria of presentism and well-being during the internship integration phase to the position of Mining Operator.” She explains.


As far as NMC is concerned, the goal is to maintain mining production to meet the supply needs of the Gwangyang Caledonian Plant located in South Korea. The next 7 recruits from this training will be assigned to two mining centers: 4 on the East Coast in Kouaoua and 3 on the West Coast in Poya.

In 2018, NMC’s machines operators’ workforce must be maintained despite the turnover and slightly increased on Nakéty Center where 8 new positions will be created soon.

According to Christine MARTINETTI, Director of Human Resources, “NMC is proud to have initiated this multi-stakeholder operation. The professionalization channels offered by the NC-RSMA carry with them an employability guarantee that is significant to mining companies. Doubling these assets passage to CFTMC long-term partner in this sector, is a guarantee of success, qualification and integration for the young people who have been selected. NMC will propose at the end of this dual training an integration into its teams as mining machine operator. “

A big CHEER to all the actors and partners of this exceptional partnership which consolidates and merges the resources, the know-how, and the financial commitment of the public and private institutions for the benefits of the out-of-school young people in search of employment.