Rose-May GOUBIER, Mining Production Management Senior

We are all equal, women do as much as men at their positions and same the other way.


Among all four NMC sites in New Caledonia, Kouaoua’s one is located on the east Coast, technically in the south but belonging to the North Province administrative area.

Rose-May GOUBIER, is Mining Production Management Senior on Kouaoua’s site. She is one of the several women you would crossed path with while going around on site : Marie-Jo, Kathya or Vaïana. If strangers are surprised, women like men employees do not fin dit surprising at all.

Working for mining industry wasn’t a plan, though 11 years later, she is still in!

Barely 30 years old, Rose-May has been working for NMC for 11 years now.

She didn’t see her working in the mining area at the start. Though, after graduated from high school, she is a bit embarassed to say that she didn’t know what to do really.

She submit her application for the Geoscience DEUST degree at University of New Caledonia, and is selected. She graduates in 2009 and is hired as a Geologist Technician at NMC. First based in Noumea at the technical direction, she is in charge of dealing with surveying and data base management

She makes her way inside the company, getting closer to operations on the ground, and eventually ends up on Kouaoua’s site.

Example of success, alone or with your team?

“When I moved from Faubourg Blanchot (Nouméa) to Kouaoua, I was entrusted a team that was mainly men, technicians and operators. Some of them were older and itw as all new to manage a team for me. Still we managed to work together, and for me the key is mutual respect.”

Being a women in this mine world?

“Man or Woman, we are all there to contribute to the company. There is no difference. On Kouaoua’s site, we are apart, very far from the village or others facilities. Some of us stay on a base-camp, so the atmosphere is different. Respect is of no discussion. It’s a requirement. I know that elsewhere it’s not always respected, and we must not accept any type of disrespect to women.”


I want to pay tribute to Maureen*, our colleague and friend. We don’t forget you.


*In 2019, Maureen DIOPOSOI, dumper driver for NMC in Kouaoua was killed by her partner.