Christelle VERDIER, Administrative and Purchasing Assistant

I strongly encourage all women to enter the position in which they capable of.

Christelle VERDIER

Christelle’s journey is inspiring, we won’t say her age, because it doesn’t fit her appearance anyway. Her eyes are sparkling and she shares with a lot of calm and serenity her professional but also personal experience. It makes her even more accessible.

Christelle, the encounter of a beautiful soul determined and dedicated in her missions

Raised by her loving grandparents, with aunts who became sisters, Christelle led her personal and professional life like a river, she knew how to explore and define her own path.

Christelle has been an administrative, and from recently, a purchasing assistant for 10 years for the Cotransmine, at the loading site of Téoudié (Ouaco mining center). The only woman on the site, she is in charge of all the administrative managament of the site: hiring, and ending intermittents contracts, medical visits, scoring during loads etc. She also deals with purchases, those not made from Nouméa, and she also takes care of the receipt of invoices concerning the site. She also explained that she verifies before loading starts that the orders for food and water are sufficient and meet the amount required per team ship member of 2.500 XPF.

With a professional bachelor’s degree in accounting and administrative management obtained with distinction, she quickly embarks on an active life so as not to weigh financially on the family home despite her acceptance in BTS. She first worked for an NMC hired company in Ouaco for 7 years, before joining the Sofinor in Koné. After 3 years of a frantic rhythm (living in Koumac with two children, she goes back and forth every day with her children), she is offered a job on the site of Téoudié. She says yes. And since 2011 she is still there.

Working on a mining area has never been a question, the statement is there: 20 years working in companies related to the Mine.

A success to share?

“The development of the site of Téoudié. For example, the welders’ workshop was dismantled by the employees themselves to build a new one. The same goes for the management of buried barges that have been taken out and our teams followed the dismantlment done by a company in Noumea. The development of infrastructure, safe and environmentally friendly on the site of Téoudié is something I’m proud to share with our teams here.

At the site of Téoudié, I feel privileged, my team is like a family and they are protective because I am the only woman. But even with intermittent people, there’s mutual respect, and that’s the most important thing.”

And later on?

“For me, there is no question of leaving Cotransmine, I hope to work on it for a few years before giving way to future generations. I hope to still be able to evolve alongside Luc and the guys here and help to bring the largest mining center of the SMSP to operate in quality, safety and respect.”

Women in the Mine world?

“The mining sector is a sector where for a long time only men were present, but it has evolved. The sector is recruiting more and more women, regardless of the position, and that is fine. Women are as capable of being drivers, mechanics or captains as men are, and some already prove it!”