Starting up of the Gwangyang processing Plant

SMSP enters into the protected field of metallurgy. The pyrometallurgical processing plant built up by Société du Nickel de Nouvelle-Calédonie et Corée (SNNC), in which it holds 51% of the shares, has entered into production. The plant that has been built up in less than 30 months should produce for this year alone some 4.000...

Lighting of the electric furnace of the Gwangyang Plant

SMSP, through its SNNC subsidiary (Société du Nickel de Nouvelle-Calédonie et Corée), is on the stage to enter the protected field of metallurgy in proceeding along with its industrial and commercial partner POSCO, to the lighting of the largest electric furnace ever manufactured in a pyrometallurgical unit. Thanks to the valorisation of its mining asset...
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