The NMC central laboratory certified ISO 9001

Bureau Veritas Certification France has awarded to the central laboratory, certification according to ISO 9001 2008. This certification was issued following an audit and has been approved by the certification committee of this organization. Bureau Veritas Certification is the world’s leading certification. The activity covered by this certification is “preparating and analysis of nickel ore...

Expansion of the Gwangyang Plant capacity

SMSP / POSCO partnership decides to proceed to the expansion of its ferronickels production capacity. The SNNC Plant, with a nominal capacity of 30,000 tons of nickel metal contained in ferronickels, will increase its capacity of 24,000 additional tons, that is to say a total capacity of 54,000 tons. A second line, comprising a new...

Three NMC employees leaving for the Metropolitan City

Jean-Louis Jiako Technician Geologist at Kouaoua, Judicaël Wamo, Storekeeper at Poya and Sylvio N’Gaiohny, Assistant mining designer at the Noumea Technical Division lately seconded to KNS will leave New Caledonia in the next few days for training under “Cadre Avenir” Training Scheme. Employees’ applications were selected within the “Cadre Avenir” scheme’s internal selection process, after...

Results of the SMSP / POSCO partnership in 2010

The implementation of the double shift has allowed NMC to reach the objective of production, that is 1.763.986 tonnes of saprolite ore, with the creation of 118 additional jobs in mining sites. The volume of nickel metal contained in ferronickel produced by SNNC in 2010 is 20.512 tonnes with sales to POSCO reaching 21.388 tonnes.
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