8 March 2023 – International Women’s Rights Day – SMSP Group and its subsidiaries are committed!

SMSP Group and its subsidiaries marked the International Women’s Rights Day on 8 March 2023 and took the opportunity to organize actions during the month of March.

Although it is only one day, the ambition is to make this day another opportunity to highlight the rights acquired by women and the progress that still needs to be consolidated or made.


A short film was made with the enthusiastic support of SMSP’s Subsidiaries including Koniambo Nickel, Cotransmine and NMC, in order to highlight the rights hardly won by women over the centuries. This short film is also an opportunity to remind us that there is still a lot to be done in terms of women’s rights and that disparities in rights are massive from one state to another.

You can view this short film on the SMSP website (https://youtu.be/bTugCtECvCQ )on the Koniambo nickel Facebook page, on the NMC internal Facebook (MyNMC), as well as on the NMC Company Committee Facebook.

The making of these short films is also always an opportunity and a privilege to share with our colleagues in the subsidiaries.

At NMC Ducos, Jean-Christophe BOERE and Christiane OMNIWACK opened the doors of their service for us.

At Koniambo Nickel site, the Communication Assistant, Sarah GUERBER-CAHUZAC, welcomed the SMSP Communication Unit. André JULIEN, Team B Utilities’ Supervisor was kind enough to guide us and allow us to meet his teams.

At Cotransmine, Héloïse MEUREUREU, a supply worker based in Numbo, Ducos (Noumea), volunteered to share her commitment. Norbert KAIMUKO, Captain of the armament, accompanied the team to the filming location.

We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all our colleagues in our subsidiaries, who are always willing and enthusiastic to support the group in the effective implementation of its communication actions.


SMSP’s Communication Department also offered a self-defence workshop to its SOFINOR-SMSP teams. Although some were dubious at first, the two-hour workshop was a pleasant discovery for all the participants who played the game. Between seizing and escaping from a hold, countering attacks and giving some, each one was able to discover the practice at his or her own pace.

Marjorie, a great teacher, took the time to accompany each and every one and this moment of instruction was also a moment of strong cohesion.

The short video was shown to the team before the beginning of the activity in a space made available by the ASPTT Motorpool Dojo.

Our sincere thanks to the Dojo, and to Marjorie from VITAFORM who welcomed us and initiated us in a caring and positive way.


The Cotransmine teams in Numbo (Ducos) have also organized a self-defence workshop for the women of the Numbo site (DUCOS).

This will take place again with VITAFORM on Friday March 17 to ensure the availability of all participants.


Koniambo Nickel has produced profiles of 4 of its employees in order to highlight them and share models for tomorrow.

These 4 profiles were shared on Koniambo Nickel’s internal and external platforms, including its Facebook page.

Furthermore, Koniambo Nickel will be present on Saturday 11th March at the International Women’s Rights Day organized at the Pomémie Cultural Centre in Kone, following an invitation from the Town Hall. This will be another occasion to share with the population and to show the representativeness of women in the mining and metallurgy world.

Last but not the least, the Koné Detention Centre will host the exhibition “Women in the Mine”, lent by the Australian Consulate. The Insertion and Probation Prison Service (Service Pénitentiaire d’Insertion et de Probation), which is organizing this event, and its Cultural and Social Advisor, Thipe UJICAS, have invited a speaker from Koniambo Nickel to the launching of the exhibition on March, 13 at the detention centre.


As committed as ever, NMC celebrated Women’s Day this year by giving each of its women staff a gift voucher.

SMSP Group thus shows its commitment to consolidate its commitment to women’s rights and to the development of this priceless added value in the proper functioning of the territory’s economy, in all areas and at all levels.