Opening ceremony of SNNC’s second production line

Friday, 6th March 2015, Mr. Paul Néaoutyine, President of the Northern Province and Mr. Oh Joon Kwon, POSCO CEO, along with Mr. André Dang Van Nha, SMSP CEO and key NC Officials, proceeded to the Official opening ceremony of SNNC Pyrometallurgical Plant’s Second Production Line, located at Gwangyang industrial site. More than fifty members including Senior French and New Caledonian dignitaries attended the colorful opening ceremony of this New Caledonian Plant. These include Mr. Michel Colin, who represented the French State while the Caledonian institutions were represented by Mr. Philippe Gomes, French National Member of Parliament, Mr. Gaël Yanno, NC Congress President, Mr. Philippe Germain and Ms. Valentine Eurisouke, members of Government, Mr. Paul Néaoutyine, President of the Northern Province, Mr. Neko Hnepeune, President of the Province Islands and Mr. Didier Le Moine Director of DIMENC (New Caledonia‘s Department of Mines, Energy and Industry).