Getting ready for the 2023 SMSP Trail

In order to promote its mining sites, and for the 4th consecutive year, SMSP is renewing its annual event, SMSP Trail which will take place on Saturday 21st October 2023 in Canala Municipality.

Challenge Organisation will once again be our partner in this event to offer 3 sporting tracks:

  • a long run of around 30 kms;
  • a medium course of 10 kms;
  • a hike-plantation run of 5 kms for families with children, including a planting site.

NMC, our subsidiary, will offer free mining site tours, with on-site registration, subject to availability, weather conditions and operational requirements.

Apart from the sport activities, the trail village site will be bustling with craft and food stalls, under a ‘Zero Waste’ principle in providing the best experience to the visitors.

We hope to make this an opportunity to discover our NMC site in Nakety, the stunning environment of Canala county, and the Nakety mission in particular, and the people who will welcome us this particular day.

Do not forget to record the date of 21st October on your agenda for a unique experience in Nakety (watch the clip)!

You can register on Challenge organisation website.