28th November 2023 Commemoration _ Kouergoa

The Widjè Committee, gathering all SMSP’s subsidiaries’ representatives responsible of the organization and preparation the 28th of November commemoration, is pleased to share with you all the this year’s Poster of the commemoration that will be held on the 28th of November, like every year, at Kouergoa Tribe.

The detailed program of the day will be shared in the coming weeks. Widjè Commitee team and Vingthuitnovembre Association (Kouergoa’s tribe) are already working and arranging the path and the site to ensure a safety pilgrimage to the site called Chefao where the crash happened.

For futher information, all employees’ subsidiaries (Cotransmine, Koniambo nickel and NMC) are invited to contact their respective Company committees. For other visitors, do not hesitate to record the date in your diaries and come and discover SMSP Group History in a relaxed atmosphere of contemplation, conviviality and, of course, a bit of sport. A moment that gathers us all together in remembrance of those who have departed.

Bring confortable walking shoes and a water container with you. Check points will be set up all along the path where you will be able to enjoy some season fruits and to exchange with volunteers in a relaxed atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you on 28 November in Kouergoa! Watch the clip