Change of President at NMC

SMSP group wishes to inform you that Didier VENTURA was appointed as interim President of NMC since the 15th of March for a period of 6 months, thus until the 30th of September. In the meantime, our team has started a recruitment process aiming at identifying the best profile to fill the position on long term basis.

As a reminder, NMC is the New Caledonian extracting subsidiary which ore is sent to feed our off-shore plant of Gwangyang in South Korea, operated by a New Caledonian company as well, SNNC.

Didier VENTURA is very well known into SMSP group as he worked for KNS, and was the President of NMC in between 2014 and 2019. Besides its experience in nickel field and industry in New Caledonia is undeniable.

Didier comes back in a critical period for nickel market as nickel prices suffer significantly from the massive and low-cost  production coming from Indonesia.

Didier replaces Isabelle WABETE who joined NMC in 2020 as President. It was very much a “back to the roots” for her as Isabelle participated to the launching of POSCO partnership before quitting SMSP group and returning to it when she joined Koniambo Nickel SAS.

Today, she quit her functions as President of NMC to fly toward new opportunities. SMSP group thanks her and wish her the best.