We are getting ready!

There are less than two weeks left before the “Trail SMSP: Les 30 ans” event! Preparations to welcome the public are going well.

Cleaning work

The campsite at the entrance to the village has been cleaned up by NMC staff. The BAOUI association was responsible for cleaning the old Ouaco cannery.

The walls, degraded by time, of the old factory, were partly repainted by volunteers.



Recognition of the course

The course of the “Trail SMSP: Les 30 ans” was recognized from September 14 to 16. Leeroy SALOMON, from Ouaco and Sybille POAOUTETA, both employees at Koniambo Nickel SAS, accompanied Gwen SWARTVAGHER from Challenge Organization to confirm the paths to take. Volunteers from the village started cleaning the course this week so that the trail was ready for the day.


The prizes

The first prizes at the trail will be offered a magnificent sculpture made by Teddy DIAIKE, a sculptor from the Gélima tribe in Canala. In a sustainable development approach, SMSP has chosen this local sculptor who also works with institutions such as the Northern Province Tourism Economic Interest Group.


Each participant in the trail will be offered a reformed fabric bag, made by Ressac, a local company that designs unique and original leather goods from recycled materials. The event “Trail SMSP: Les 30 ans”, which aims to be zero waste, thus made it possible to recycle 200 reformed uniforms and give several hours of work to two people in reintegration.


We strongly encourage carpooling! To do so, go to the event page on the covoiturage.nc site.

See you soon!