SMSP Trail 2021

Following the Trail organized for the 30th anniversary of SMSP in the Ouaco site in October 2020, SMSP wishes to renew the event.

The SMSP is thus organizing on June 12 the SMSP Trail 2021 which will be held this time within the municipality of Kouaoua. Several mining operators are involved in its administrative area including NMC, Nickel Mining Company, a subsidiary of SMSP.

The history of this municipality nevertheless has its roots long before 2005. Inscribed in a rich customary region, and the scene of significant mining, Kouaoua is a prosperous municipality which deserves to be highlighted.

Through this event, SMSP wishes to support the municipality in enhancing its image, as well as the know-how of its inhabitants, and to give a different image of the municipality and of the mining activity in the area. We rely on sport’s ability to bring people together and conviviality to have an exceptional moment in an exceptional place.

In relation to the sporting side, the trail will consist of 3 different tracks including:
– A 29.3 kms race
– A 9.8 kms race
– A 3.8 kms family race of comprising a site replanting activity.

Two volleyball and petanque tournaments will be organized in addition to the trail in order to bring together the greatest number of participants. On the cultural level, with the involvement and the immediate and unwavering commitment of the Kouaoua City Hall, a series of activities will be offered during the day: a large local market, a historical exhibition, craft workshops in basketry, sculptures, pottery or the manufacture of household products and ecological cosmetics. This event is also intended to be “Zero Waste”, with each service provider and participant having to commit to this process.

In order to allow the populations of the area and visitors to learn about the mining activity, free of charge tours of the NMC mines will also be organized throughout the day.
In an atypical place, SMSP, the Kouaoua City Hall and all their partners give the best of themselves to share together a day under the sign of sport and meeting.

Feel free to register now on Challenge website (, or directly to the entertainment department of Kouaoua City Hall (phone: 47 12 49).