Na-Rae RYOO, Planning Manager

As much as possible, every year I go back to my former university to talk to my junior and encourage them, women especially, not to fear to enter the industry, and to be part of operation. Women have their place.


SMSP managed to sign a joint-venture with POSCO, a huge korean steelwork and overall industry. According to this joint-venture, 2 companies were created: NMC in New Caledonia extracting the ore, and SNNC in Gwangyang South Korea in charge of processing the ore in ferronickel.

On SNNC plant, there aren’t many women in direct operation out of the 300 employees, only 4 of them are in operating position, like Na-Rae.

Na-Rae: In charge of the production strategic planning of Gwangyang plant

Na-Rae has been working for SNNC for 11 years now, and is currently SNNC Planning Manager, a central role she carries with her colleagues from all departments to build up the company’s strategy in terms of long-term perspectives. Such as, based on the management direction and analysis of internal & external business circumstances, she establishes mid-long term strategy by reflecting in-depth discussion results. In addition, she monitors the progress of action plan and strategic direction could be modified depending on the business situation. On the other hand, she prepares to report company’s performance and main issues to shareholders.

It’s a position in which she has to deal with all areas or work, and all type of profile. And most of the colleagues she works with directly are men, and the company culture remain really masculine from various aspects.

Na-Rae followed a French and Management as major when being at University. She quickly focused on management, as the area of work was wider to find a job afterwards, which can be really difficult on the tight korean job market. And it worked out not too bad.

Have you experienced different positions in the company?

“Yes, several actually. When I entered the company first time, I was in charge of outsourcing contracts for two years. Then I moved to being responsible for selling the ferronickel, then purchasing the coal for the kilners units. After 5 years doing that, I’ve been appointed to Logistic and transportation of the ore. And now I’m in charge of the planning.

Well I’ve experienced various tasks, but it’s always interesting in the same company to be able to really catch up all steps in the process, it helps now a lot in building up the planning.”

A success to share?

“When I was responsible for ferronickel selling, we were selling the ferronickel only to POSCO. Though with the expansion and the opening of Line 2, we had to find other clients. As such, we developped commercial relations with China and other korean companies. We succeeded in concluding long term contract. It was a big challenge and a real success as well for my team and I.”

What would you say to women to encourage them, and to enter industry world?

“I’ve never give my dreams and goasl in the company. As a woman, I wouldn’t say it was more difficult, but still you have to proove more, and work harder to make your point: you can do exactly the same as them.”

What about later?

“Well, for now I’m satisfied with my job, I like what I’m doing. In the future it would be good to keep progressing in the company.

And maybe, if I have the opportunity it would be great to see how it works in other type of industry.”