SMSP abandons its plan to acquire a plant in China

Published on February 2023

I would like to inform you that recently, I have taken the decision to put an end to the discussions with our Chinese Partners, regarding the acquisition by SMSP of the majority shares of YICHUAN Company’s Capital, which operates a metallurgical plant in Yangzhou Province, in China.



SMSP's reaction to the Minister of Overseas' comments

Published on December 2021

As the majority shareholder of Koniambo Nickel SAS, SMSP wishes to express its astonishment at the comments made in the Senate on December 8, 2021 by the Minister of Overseas following questions relating to the self-determination referendum in New Caledonia.


Changes within the organization of the SMSP Group

Published on July 2021

Mr. André DANG VAN NHA announced on Friday July 16 his wish to step down as Chairman of SMSP and CEO of SOFINOR. With the agreement of the board of directors, Mr. DANG has thus entrusted the functions of Chairman and CEO of SMSP to Karl THERBY, collaborator for more than 10 years within the group, who also takes on the duties of CEO of SOFINOR.


Publication of the territorial chamber of accounts report

Published on April 2021

The territorial chamber of accounts (CTC) published this Thursday, April 22, a final observation report relating to the management of SMSP (and SOFINOR) over the period 2013-2018. At the end of this control and in spite of a generally critical opinion, the CTC does not note any irregularity, neither in the accounts, nor in the management of SMSP.


Annual Report 2019

Published on December 2020

30 years have passed. SMSP has gradually built up and consolidated into a Caledonian group at the heart of local and international mining and metallurgical activity. Through the foundation and the vision of its economic development based on the enhancement of the resource, today, ferronickel is produced in the bay of Vavouto in the Northern province.


Annual Report 2018

Published on December 2019

SMSP is today a major player in the mining and metallurgical sector both locally and internationally. SMSP controls two world-class plants, one in New Caledonia and the other at the gateway to the Asian market in South Korea. SMSP has a mining heritage which it values for the benefit of Caledonian economic interests.


Public conference at the University of New Caledonia

Published on July 2019

SMSP in the New Caledonian economy, an idea of the common good.

Presentation of the progress made by SMSP during the last thirty years as well as a presentation of the setups and results of the Northern plant and the plant in Korea.


Overview of the Northern Plant

Published on April 2017

Initiator of the project, SMSP wishes to associate to the sustainable development generated by this North Plant, the notion of peaceful development. It wishes that it becomes a tool of harmony among all New Caledonians, especially with all the jobs created and all companies that have been and will be set up and strengthened. SMSP finally wishes that the North Plant remains a lever on which everyone seeks to develop what he or she has the best.


Overview of the Gwangyang Plant

Published on April 2017

With the Gwangyang processing Plant in South Korea, SMSP is committed to a development process increasing the value of its mining estate by extending the life span of its deposits, providing long term supply to its Partner, and getting access to the benefit of metal production by detaining a 51% share of the NMC – SNNC joint venture.


SMSP, a leading
metallurgical actor

Published on September 2016

Economic benefits, strategy and forecast of SMSP.


a futur partnership

Published on February 2016

Forecasts and economic benefits on 2009-2025.


Interview of André DANG
on La Tribune Magazine

Published on La Tribune Magazine on September 2nd, 2015

André DANG, one of the main New Caledonian nickel industry’s actors, is accused by his detractors of playing the game of the independence separatists while defending or protecting his personal economic welfares. Past accusations are currently exacerbated by the decline of nickel’s price along with the NC future political agendas. Threatened and forced into exile, he expresses his views on the French La Tribune Magazine.


Presentations at the Chamber
of Commerce and Industry

Published on June 2015

André DANG’s speech

First part – SMSP presentation and its basics

Second part – SMSP/POSCO partnership results and forecasts


Overview of the mining activity

Published on February 2014

An expertise: optimising mines to create added value and employments, and strengthen New Caledonia’s economic development. A target: an annual production of 1.8 million tons of saprolite ore, which chemical caracteristics must be complied with the Gwangyang Plant parametres.


SNNC Great Challenge

Published on July 2013

This brochure containing 16 pages informs the reader about the values of the SNNC joint venture, presents the products and by-products stemming from the processing of nickel ore into nickel metal, and informs about the various stages of this process.


André DANG's speech address to the International Nickel's Conference 2013

Published on July 2013

André DANG intervened to address the “perspectives and strategies” of the Caledonian nickel. A noticed speech on the control, the development and the optimization of the country’s mining resources.


The Northern Plant's first metal tappings

Published on April 2013

The dream about processing Nickel in the North has been passed on from generation to generation. The first metal tapping symbolizes the achievement of this expectation, as it is the first step into the operational launching process. The dream becomes reality…

The North Plant’s first metal tappings briefing

André DANG’s speech for the first metal tapppings


Plants retrospective

Published on April 2013

Contrary to what has been announced by Eramet, with the present start of production of the North Plant, SMSP emphasizes and privileges the local processing, since the Koniambo mining resource permits. However, when the ore is too poor to be processed locally, or when the mines are too isolated and too small, and when the high ore grade has already been removed and collected, then SMSP favors the use of vertical integration through offshore partnerships, to process that low grade ore, rather than exporting it at a raw and unprocessed state, like other operators have been doing.


Vision for nickel's future in the Northern Province

Published on Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes on October 26, 2012

A vision for nickel’s future in the North Province. When 85% of capital equity held by Jacques Lafleur was bought up in 1990, SMSP did not possess a single mining title and worked as a piecework company of 120 people on the SLN mine sites.


Further methods of valorization mining resources

Published on Les Nouvelles Caledoniennes on September 28, 2012

SMSP rises further methods of valorization mining resources for the country’s benefits. A strategy applied in the North Province for sustainable and controlled development.


André DANG’s speech at Vavouto

Published on August 2011

André DANG’s speech during the presidential visit of Nicolas Sarkozy at Vavouto on August 27, 2011.


Restitution and analysis of the 4th Industrial Strategic Committee meeting

Published on August 2011

Report of work and analysis on the calculation of mineral resources, treatment processes and the chain of added value, presented at the Economic and Social Council on August 10, 2011.